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..the art-scorched inferno of Zouaves' new album, Hydracast, offers something proggier, grimmer, darker...Hydracast kicks off with "Soi Cowboi," a demonic invitational that sets the stage for tracks like the ferocious "Wear It Thin" and the shadowy, lurking blues-fungus of "Welder." Elsewhere, the triumphantly catchy "Trubaird" (sung by drummer Andre Coberly) lets some sunlight in through the cobwebs, and "Stand Up" and "Don't Let It" (both sung by bassist Sara Johanne) are high-powered steamrollers that build momentum with surprising nimbleness. Ned Lannamann, The Mercury

Zouaves album cover - Alight
Hydracast (July 2014)

"Zouaves' Hydracast comes out July 29 on AIO Soundings, and it's one of the most individual, interesting, and downright enjoyable records to come out of Portland in a while." -Ned Lannamann, The Mercury

"Zouaves make fucking good music, and Hydracast, the band’s second album, is a fucking good album." -Get it on vinyl

"A mi-chemin entre le rock et le blues garage, la pop psychédélique et le punk rock britannique, ZOUAVES brouille les cartes pour mieux surprendre." -Kaput Brain Webzine


Zouaves album cover - Alight
Alight (August 2012)

Zouaves' rollicking debut pulls you out into the garage your house doesn't have, assailing a hologram of your better senses. This might be your one chance to outrun the cops.

[NITRO-BURNING ART ROCK] No one instrument takes precedence in the world of Zouaves….the group tears into rhythms and melodies with well-balanced ferocity and volume. - Robert Ham, WW

[LOST SOUNDS] "...Zouaves... play nice, smoky, subdued garage rock with high-pitched vocals that aren’t far off from the Flaming Lips, Band of Horses or the twins from Blonde Redhead. The band’s name is cryptically derived from a type of 19th-century French infantry that sported “open-fronted jackets, baggy trousers and often sashes and oriental headgear.”


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