Pikara live in Portland Oregon
photo: Pat Bayliss
Pikara is the solo project and the self-titled first record by Sara Johanne, the Danish/Swedish member of Susurrus Station.

Pikara - Constellations

This Hollow (2015)

"This Hollow’ is the third Pikara album and makes a departure from the sound of previous releases, which have ranged from slow, dark, meandering pop to sparse tripped out instrumental compositions. ‘This Hollow’ centres around piano based pieces, complemented by soaring string arrangements." - Jammerzine

"It’s a transformative piece of music that goes from atmospheric throat singing majesty to frantic string-led maelstrom. " Fresh Beats 365

"While this can begin with the style and grace of a circus show ala Gatsbys American Dream-- that sort of spectacle-- it can find itself jus as easily turning into something like an orchestra." - Joshua Macala

"This Hollow seems to be more in line with her self-titled debut, Pikara, full of stunning, ethereal tracks, showcasing Johanne’s voice. Pikara’s work here is very experimental and ambitious, stirring many different emotions through its various moods." - Pure M Zine

"While This Hollow is built up of piano-based songs, the strings still take the spotlight for the most part. Comparisons to Andrew Bird and Owen Pallett inevitably come to mind, but Johanne works with different hues and scopes." - Unrecorded

Pikara - Constellations

Constellations (2011)
"(Sara) Johanne is as adept at constructing these sparse, trippy and largely instrumental compositions from scratch as she was at writing the slow, dark, pretty pop of her previous disc". - Willamette Weekly, Casey Jarman

"...Constellations, out with Aio Records is a brilliant, mostly instrumental album of looped violins, echoing through the deep corridors of classical music and gloomy experimental edges."- smalltownromance.com, Yair Yona

Pikara - delf title debut album

Pikara (2009)
"...a finely woven mosaic" - Undertoner.dk, Lasse Bertelsen.

"(Pikara) plays a slow-moving mélange of folk, chamber music and ambient sound"
- Willamette Weekly, Shane Danaher

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