Nigh Chaparral

Nigh Chaparral in Stockholm Nigh Chaparral is an itinerant, off the cuff, collaborative recording affair. The plan is to reconvene somewhere further down the line, & see what happens.

Nigh Chaparral II

Nigh Chaparral IV (2020)
Was it a baby lynx or cougar? Finally it totters over and peeks out from behind a tree. Where is the mama? In a flash of dust at dusk. Departing the downtown of the smallest known town for life outside at the end of the canyon. Looking for anywhere to cool off. Getting to know the cut off smolt that nibble on your feet until you can’t take it anymore & flinch & fall back on the banks of the tree covered pools waiting for fall. Near invisible insects whorl at tremendous speeds at the edge. The lichened rocks of the river proper animate with their camouflaged denizens. Startled by a beaver swimming right up, unconcernedly heading upstream. Now the heron is back at its lonely post.....

Nigh Chaparral III

Nigh Chaparral III (2018)
Time flies off a cliff, onto another cliff, stairstepping onto a shoddy escalator that disembarks in a sheetrock card house they replaced your neighborhood with & charged you for. All right at peak which & whatever, the fourth turning (yearning), sixth extinction (lack of distinction), the ring of fire reverberating concentric rings of ire, magnetic pole position jitters contagious among mytho-methomaniacs & glowface killers, knowingly or not out poaching & plundering what there is left, provisioning for the feared invasion of generation zombie—though the feathers may be hard to pluck corkscrewing as they are in rarefied air, buoying the vultures just waiting us out, there's no shortage of brimstone geysers, & the creosoted scaffolding hangs out uneasily over the cauldron boiling away as if nothing ever happened.....

Nigh Chaparral II

Nigh Chaparral II (2013)
Huddling under the guests goin square on a bailed mortgage run while the owner's away, namely the other part of the band, cheeking their stomps, hoping against hope & hops we can just let the old land just be just free enough, stayin' straight in cool undammed cascade, all the while inadvertently stranding fish in pools & plucking clams aglow as you mine up through hills for mold to leverage the next batch of basement recordings—Scree at the top from some unknown above, shale clanking plank sliding among the shilling stars & betwixt the campion & saxifrage, beyond the not merely clearly found but downright developed lost lake to see the haze that hangs over the whirling and fuming civilization you can only leave behind for so long............

Nigh Chaparall

Nigh Chaparral (2008)
...having coffee at the Venners Hjem, the bodega on the corner of the crossroads to nowhere, with pieces of the vastly expired cream floating in the worst coffee anywhere this decade. Despite having our doubts about how good of an idea continuing to live would be in the state the night before had ultimately rendered us,, by the end of the day we were banging on countertops, talking shit to junkyard dobermans, and throwing silverware in perfect time with the random beat.

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